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Author Archives: William Brown

Israeli gunfire wounds Lebanese soldier on border

A Lebanese soldier was wounded on Sunday after Israeli soldiers opened fire near the border between the two countries, Lebanon’s military said. There were conflicting reports about the shooting in the Shebaa farms area, a disputed zone along the frontier between Lebanon and Israel. The U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, said it was aware of the reports and was ... Read More »

Egypt jihadist group releases video of beheadings

An Egyptian jihadist group has released a video showing the execution of four men, including three being beheaded, accused of spying for the army and for Israel’s Mossad intelligence service. It is the second time such gruesome footage has been released by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (Partisans of Jerusalem), the deadliest militant group based in Egypt’s insurgency-hit Sinai region. A similar ... Read More »

Qatar’s friends-with-everyone approach rankles some of its Persian Gulf neighbors

The U.S. military orchestrates the air war over Iraq and Syria from a hulking command center on the vast al-Udeid Air Base, a Qatari-owned encampment that is home to 8,000 American military personnel and dozens of Air Force jets. Giant video screens inside the windowless, two-story structure allow troops to track every plane and observe live footage from every drone ... Read More »

To Boost Strike Force, UK Delays Retiring Jets

The British government has temporarily reprieved a Tornado GR4 strike squadron from the scrap heap in order to maintain sufficient numbers of aircraft for a sustained campaign against the Islamic State. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that 2 Squadron, which had been slated to stand down next March, will remain operational for another 12 months. Speaking during an Oct. 2 ... Read More »

US military in Europe eyes changing uniform rules off base

U.S. European Command has directed its Army, Navy and Air Force components to consider limiting where and when their members can wear military uniforms off Defense Department installations in Europe to ensure the safety and security of personnel and their families. The command did not cite any specific threats against U.S. servicemembers or their families overseas, though the terrorist group ... Read More »

Tensions Surge in Estonia Amid a Russian Replay of Cold War Tactics

With thick smoke rising from the nearby border with Russia, a helicopter clattering over her summer cottage and her village’s narrow country lanes swarming with emergency vehicles, Leide Heliste, a 67-year-old Estonian pensioner, feared the worst. “I was so frightened,” Ms. Heliste said, recalling her panic when, shortly after 9 o’clock on a Friday morning, this tiny border village slipped ... Read More »

New NATO chief says wants constructive ties with Russia

NATO wants constructive relations with Russia even as it increases its presence in its member states in eastern Europe, the alliance’s new secretary-general told a Polish newspaper on Monday. Jens Stoltenberg, who is visiting Poland, said NATO would still respect its international commitments, which include a post-Cold War deal with Moscow about Western military deployments in former members of the ... Read More »

Unearthing a Barbarous Past in Poland

Zbigniew Kulikowski stood at the crumbling edge of a muddy hole staring down at a trio of workers gently brushing the dirt from the yellowing bones of several intertwined skeletons. In a little over a year of sporadic digging, more than 280 bodies have been pulled from burial pits in the sandy, red-streaked earth behind this century-old prison, anonymous victims ... Read More »

China, Russia flex muscles in increasing number of close calls with U.S. aircraft

A recent spate of dangerous midair encounters between American military aircraft and Chinese and Russian planes in the Pacific is the result of increasingly assertive strategies by both U.S. adversaries to project power far beyond their borders, according to the top U.S. Air Force commander in the region. Air Force Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, the head of U.S. Pacific Air ... Read More »

China Touts Anti-stealth Radar

America’s most advanced stealth fighter poses a great risk to China’s air defense network — and the military is going to great lengths to learn how to shoot one down. China claims it has a new passive detection “radar” capable of identifying stealth aircraft, including the more advanced F-22 Raptor fighter based at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam. The ... Read More »