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I tried ketamine to treat my depression. Within a day, I felt relief. | Vox

I am going to die in this dentist’s chair. My eyes are closed, but I can still see skulls outlined with white against a black background. I have an epiphany: God is death. I’m in the midst of a real-life version of the hallucinogenic ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, all in my own mind. A monitor emits ... Read More »


After more than three decades of talk about the potential of building green, we’ve still failed to change the way we design and construct buildings so that the built environment stops being a dominant contributor to runaway climate change. The Earth has already warmed about 1C since the 19th century and it’s on track to rise another degree. This second ... Read More »

6 high-carb foods that will help your dieting efforts | The New Paper

This has led to many fad diets where people attempt to eliminate carbs from their meals for fast results. However, carbs are your body’s primary fuel source and contribute to fat metabolism. That’s why avoiding carbs does not necessarily help your waistline, especially if you’re replacing them with foods that contain the same or higher amount of calories. According to ... Read More »

A hidden village carved into a cliff | BBC

For more than 500 years, a remote tribe has lived suspended on a cliff-side in the mountains of Oman. Source: A hidden village carved into a cliff | BBC   Read More »

Asia’s dead lake where boats can’t float | BBC

Lake Karakul is almost a Central Asian version of the Middle East’s hyper-saline Dead Sea – although that hasn’t stopped visitors from trying to sail here. Source: Asia’s dead lake where boats can’t float | BBC   Read More »


Every morning, hot air balloon pilot Cary Crawley gets out of bed three hours before dawn, when the sky is still dark. But it’s worth forgoing a lie-in for the spectacular views across the Atacama desert in Chile or the ancient city of Bagan in Burma as the sun rises – depending on where he’s flying that day. Now 59 ... Read More »

Army to test a new, lighter body armor vest and full system this year | Army Times

Later this year the Army will test a lighter-weight body armor vest as part of its head-to-toe soldier protection system program and conduct a full test of the entire system by this fall as they prep the new gear for deploying units. And soldiers will get new eye protection that includes a transitioning lens for sunglasses. That’s according to the ... Read More »

US soldier injured in crash near Grafenwoehr | Stars and Stripes

A 48-year-old U.S. soldier was seriously injured in a car crash near the Army’s garrison in Grafenwoehr, police said. The accident happened Thursday on the B470 when the soldier’s Toyota RAV 4 crashed into the rear of a long truck, police at Neustadt an der Waldnaab said. The soldier had to be cut from the wreckage by firefighters, who were ... Read More »

Wife used Snapchat to plan Army sergeant’s murder, police say | Stars and Stripes

The wife of an Army sergeant killed in December admitted that she planned his killing together with another man, communicating on Snapchat in an attempt to hide their communications, according to statements she made to police. Kemia Hassel, 22, told police that she spent months planning her husband’s death in order to be with someone else, St. Joseph Township Police ... Read More »

Measles is back because states give parents too many ways to avoid vaccines | Vox

As of Friday, more than 270 people across the country, mostly small children, have been infected by the super contagious and sometimes deadly pathogen, measles, in ongoing outbreaks since last fall. In New York City, the virus has been spreading since September among Orthodox Jews, some of whom reject vaccines on behalf of their children because of unfounded safety concerns. ... Read More »