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Author Archives: Rasul Macarambon

Marine Raider to plead guilty this week in strangulation death of Army Green Beret | Military Times

A Marine Raider is scheduled to plead guilty to negligent homicide on Thursday for his part in the botched hazing that led to the death of an Army Green Beret in Bamako, Mali two years ago. Marine Staff Sgt. Kevin Maxwell faces a general court-martial at Naval Station Norfolk at which he is expected to make the plea, which was ... Read More »

Shanahan declines to punish senior officers in Niger ambush | Politico

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan is not recommending punishments for higher-level commanders for the ambush that killed four American soldiers in Niger a year and a half ago, despite calls from some lawmakers and former officers to hold more senior personnel accountable for the ill-fated operation. Shanahan has accepted the conclusions of Army Gen. Robert Brown, whom he tapped earlier ... Read More »

New evidence links ultra-processed foods with a range of health risks | Science Daily

Two large European studies published by The BMJ today find positive associations between consumption of highly processed (“ultra-processed”) foods and risk of cardiovascular disease and death. The researchers say further work is needed to better understand these effects, and a direct (causal) link remains to be established, but they call for policies that promote consumption of fresh or minimally processed ... Read More »

Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism | Science Daily

People with autism often suffer from gut problems, but nobody has known why. Researchers have now discovered the same gene mutations — found both in the brain and the gut — could be the cause. The discovery confirms a gut-brain nervous system link in autism, opening a new direction in the search for potential treatments that could ease behavioural issues ... Read More »

Circadian clocks: Body parts respond to day and night independently from brain, studies show | Science Daily

Can your liver sense when you’re staring at a television screen or cellphone late at night? Apparently so, and when such activity is detected, the organ can throw your circadian rhythms out of whack, leaving you more susceptible to health problems. That’s one of the takeaways from two new studies by University of California, Irvine scientists working in collaboration with ... Read More »

New way to protect against high-dose radiation damage discovered | Science Daily

Radiotherapy, a common treatment for cancer, is one of the most effective ways to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumours. Around 50% of patients with tumours located in the gastrointestinal cavity (liver, pancreas, colon, prostate, etc) receive this type of treatment, which has increased cancer survival rates over the past decades. However, intensive radiation therapy not only damages tumour cells, ... Read More »

DoD bought phony military gear made in China, including counter-night vision clothing that didn’t actually work | Military Times

The U.S. military, government agencies and other purchasers bought more than $20 million worth of Chinese-made counterfeit goods designed to look like domestically produced gear from a company that defrauded the government and helped to orchestrate the counterfeiting process between January 2013 and October 2018, Justice Department officials said last week. The counterfeit gear included 200 specialized parkas designed to ... Read More »

Military judge frees Navy SEAL in advance of murder trial | Navy Times

A decorated Navy SEAL facing a murder trial in the death of an Islamic State prisoner was freed Thursday from custody after a military judge cited interference by prosecutors. The unexpected move drew gasps from those at a hearing in a San Diego courtroom in which lawyers for Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher sought to get the case dismissed for ... Read More »

Man attacked by Marine veteran’s support dog sues over negligence | Marine Corps Times

An Alabama man who was attacked by a veteran’s emotional support animal while on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to San Diego is now suing the airline and the veteran. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday that Marlin Jackson is accusing the defendants of negligence. The lawsuit says it happened as the flight was boarding in June 2017. Jackson ... Read More »

Marines Will Cover up to $500 in Licensing Fees for Spouses Under New Policy | Military

The Marine Corps has announced its policy for covering the cost of spouses’ professional credentials and licensing fees following a permanent change-of-station move. In a Marine administrative message issued Thursday, Marine and Family Member Programs Director Marie Balocki said the service will reimburse up to $500 per PCS to cover the costs of professional licensing or re-certification, to include exams ... Read More »