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Friday, December 9, 2022

‘Assume you can be jammed’ — What US troops are learning about electronic warfare in Ukraine | Task and Purpose

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The U.S. can block Russia’s intervention in Ukraine through jamming and cyber capabilities.

Michael Kofman, a Russian military specialist, asserts that electronic warfare is one of the most challenging things to identify on the battlefield. Analysts believe the Ukrainians have eliminated several Russian jamming and deception devices. The Russians can still jam Ukrainian military communications and the Global Positioning Receivers on Ukrainian drones used as artillery spotters.

Electronic warfare is “an ever-present reality” for U.S. forces in Syria, according to Lt. Col. Gina McKeen of the Air Force. The Department of Defense will publish its “Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy” in October 2022, asking for investment in “revolutionary, leap-ahead technology” to defeat electronic warfare.

Russia’s use of electronic warfare in Ukraine reminds them that they have a detectable, targetable, and strike-able electronic signature. Ben Hodges, lieutenant general emeritus, Army: “We should anticipate that the Russians would jam/intercept our communications.” Former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Glenn “Powder” According to Carlson, neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians can access communications, radars, or other sensors. President of the Potomac Foundation, Philip Karber, asserts that the efficacy of Russian electronic warfare activities has grown.

Since March 2014, Karber has made 39 visits to Ukraine and spent 189 days alongside Ukrainian fighting units. According to him, one lesson of the Ukraine conflict is that American forces are vulnerable to electronic warfare strikes.

Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/analysis/russia-ukraine-electronic-warfare-us-troops/


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