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Sunday, March 26, 2023

An elite performance coach who works with Navy SEALs says his ideal breakfast is olive oil and almond butter for focus and energy | Insider

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Andrew Herr, a specialist in top performance science, created a novel combination of almond butter and olive oil.

He said these experiments helped him refine his regimen for increased energy and attention. His go-to breakfast is almond butter and olive oil, but there is no one method that works for everyone. According to Herr, establishing the ideal routine is different for each person, but looking for specific patterns might help you discover what your body and mind require to function at their peak. Although there are some general trends in discovering what works, when working with clients, he customizes each suggested experiment to the person’s specific requirements and goals. It’s a misperception that improving performance necessitates doing unpleasant things; instead, Herr argues that with the proper preparation, feeling happy may be a crucial component of the process.



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