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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

America’s Heap of Global Commitments are Flashpoints We Can’t Afford | Task and Purpose

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NATO nations have sent extra soldiers to the borders, expanded air patrols, and continued to provide deadly and nonlethal assistance to the warzone. Using sophisticated weaponry, intelligence assistance, and tens of thousands of worldwide volunteers has slowed the assault to a brutal crawl. With no end in sight, the annexation of Crimea has become the bloodiest conflict on the European continent since 1945. The United States has committed hundreds of soldiers to Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and the Middle East to help anti-Islamic State and Iranian-backed militia operations. Every mission is either essential to sustaining our global security posture or an unneeded military excursion by an interventionist United States that has no place directing the affairs of other states.

An all-volunteer force cannot cover the operational footprint sought by U.S. officials (military and civilian). Our military should have reserved for strategic activities that enhance national and civilian security. The list of possible flashpoints in the globe is extensive, and analyzing them all in-depth is a full-time job that already absorbs the nation’s think tanks.

Source:  https://taskandpurpose.com/sponsored-content/americas-heap-of-global-commitments-are-flashpoints-we-cant-afford/

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