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Saturday, January 28, 2023

AFSOC Redefines Itself for Great Power Competition | National Defense

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Special Operations over thirty percent of operations will be conducted against great power rivals.

The majority of the aircraft in AFSOC’s fleet were purchased after 9/11. Palletized weapons have airdropped from cargo aircraft such as the C-130 and C-17. The next three years will be critical in SOCOM’s transition away from terrorist missions. “More than 30% of our operations will be against big power adversaries,” the vice commander explains. The procurement of AFSOC’s new “Armed Overwatch” aircraft has expected to commence in 2022.

Next-generation intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, such as those that gather data in the space environment and artificial intelligence and machine learning, are also high-priority areas for modernization. AFSOC will almost certainly need to reduce the number of planes it utilizes for counterinsurgency operations. AFSOC has not been able to deploy its aviation advisers in as many locations across the world as possible, but the command is attempting to increase that capability. “We cannot count on having a stack of airpower over every target requiring action,” Slife said. The United States military must establish and maintain partnerships with like-minded friends and partners worldwide.

Source: https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/5/5/afsoc-redefines-itself-for-great-power-competition


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