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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Afghan special forces commando seeking asylum gets caught in broken US immigration system | WFIN

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A story of an Afghan soldier and the tragically flawed US asylum and immigration systems. 

 The US military in Afghanistan trained Abdul Wasi Safi to be an elite Special Forces commando. Wasi was still battling the Taliban in the north when Kabul fell. Safi went into hiding, traveling between safe houses set up by US veterans, in the hopes of obtaining a Special Immigrant Visa and being able to legally immigrate to the US. Instead, he was discovered after crossing the Rio Grande by a border patrol official who followed his footprints. Abdul Wasi requested asylum from the agent, but was instead detained and accused of breaking the law by entering the country without authorization. Abdul Wasi was apprehended and detained. 

Source: https://wfin.com/fox-world-news/afghan-special-forces-commando-seeking-asylum-gets-caught-in-broken-us-immigration-system/ 


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