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Officials nab key Taliban member in Kabul | Khaama Press

A special operations mission was being conducted when GPSCU discovered four bomb launchers, ammunition, eight magnetic bombs, three hand grenades, nine vehicles and a roadside bomb. They also were able to find a Taliban leader that has been responsible for numerus destructive attacks. A seperate police force also captured the alleged facilitator of a Daesh terrorist group. This occurred after ... Read More »

Plans for vets suicide prevention training, new three-digit emergency mental health crisis line signed into law | Military Times

President Donald Trump has signed off on several new programs to provide veterans with more mental health resources. This includes new training on suicide prevention and a three-digit number you can call and automatically be linked to a crisis line. The universal number will be 988 and will be active by the fall of 2021. Twenty veterans are lost to ... Read More »

Why you should consider starting your next business in a new market | Entrepreneur

New business in an emerging market represents an opportunity to establish of what could turn out to be a global economy impacting billions of lives. Take for example cannabis, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. These markets are fairly new, but it has a lot of opportunity to solve current problems. Marco Mottana, who is the owner of CFX Quantum, believes that entrepreneurs in new ... Read More »

US Army conducts first-of-its-kind exercise for tactical information warfare unit | C4ISRNET

The 915th Cyber Warfare Battalion help the army plan tactical cyber operations for commanders in theater and unilaterally conduct missions in coordination with deployed forces. For the first time, the new tactical information warfare unit conducted its first training exercise specifically dedicated to maturing the formation’s concepts and tactics. Expeditionary CEMA Team 1, participated in the training event in early ... Read More »

US special ops, European customer buy Fletcher rocket launchers | Defense News

Fletcher is a vehicle-mounted, laser-guided, 2.75-inch, 70mm rocket launcher capable of firing any rocket that fits into those parameters. The company Arnold Defense announced that two new customers have purchased the Fletcher, USSOCOM, and an undisclosed European specialist unit. The contracts call for a combination of vehicle-mounted Fletcher systems capable of carrying four rounds, as well as a new variant capable of ... Read More »

US forces hit Taliban with airstrikes in Helmand | Military Times

The airstrikes occurred after the US demanded that the Taliban seize their violence in the Helman province. Although the US and Taliban have been working on an agreement, the Taliban has violated it by invoking violence thought Afghanistan. According to officials the US will continue to defend the Afghan national security force. This comes after President Trump’s endorsement of sending ... Read More »

I used to be addicted to success. Here’s how I discovered my self-worth when the to-do list went away during the pandemic. | Business Insider

Liz Presson is a successful woman as a writer, business owner, and public speaker. When the pandemic hit, her business was affected, and it gave her time to realize her self-worth outside the comfort of her success at work. “I had to find out who I was as a person when the to-do list went away,” she says. Presson shares how she slowly went back and got to know her values and ... Read More »

Everything you need to know about the Type D personality | Live Bold and Bloom

If you have taken a DISC Test, you can have a mix of Type D personality. Type D scores high in both negative affectivity and social inhibition. When you are a Type D, you tend to overthink things, isolate yourself, and stress about worst-case scenarios. However, they are also driven, determined, decisive, and direct. Learning your personality is one step you can take to improve yourself and focus on your strengths. Source:  https://liveboldandbloom.com/10/personality-types/type-d-personality?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+liveboldandbloom%2FcnPm+%28Live+Bold+and+Bloom%29 Read More »

The lazy secret to faster learning | Psy Blog

New research shows that when learning a new skill, short rest periods are as important as the practice itself. A person’s performance actually improves when they take time to rest, not when they are practicing, the scientists found. This study gives evidence that resting may be just as critical to learning as practice. Source: https://www.spring.org.uk/2020/10/secret-to-faster-learning.php Read More »