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The Amazon’s mouth-watering fifth flavor | BBC Travel

Black tucupi is a thick, umami-rich sauce that has been made by indigenous communities across the Amazon as far as Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Black tucupi is also known as Tucupi pixuna, tucupi negro, kumaji, ají negro, kanyzi pudidy, and cassareep. They are extracted from the bitter manioc juice simmered down from a yellow liquid into a dark ... Read More »

Kooper F Passion Project – Special Operation Forces

Kooper Passion might be in third grade, but he has a lot of knowledge and questions about Special Operations and breaks down all the different branches. While this was originally a school project, Passion went above and beyond in this 24-minute presentation. In an interview with retired Navy SEAL Commander Samuel Havelock, he goes through the career of a Navy SEAL and talks about what it means to ... Read More »

Move to strip Afghanistan war veterans of military decorations possible due to changes signed off by Federal Government | ABC News

Those who served for the Australian Special Operation Task Group in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2013 are at risk of losing their military decorations. It was found in a report that 39 prisoners and civilians were murdered by certain troops from this special force group. Members of the special forces community are pushing back and seeking justice for those who ... Read More »

Does debt consolidation hurt my credit? | The Simple Dollar

Debt consolidation is a strategy that allows you to simplify your total loan repayments by merging all your loans into one that can save you money on interest rates and monthly repayments. However, you have to take note that debt consolidation can also harm your credit score. A new loan application will flag on your credit that will temporarily lower ... Read More »

What exactly is thought leadership? | Entrepreneur

A thought leader is said to be someone who is seen as an expert in a specific field and they know how to influence their people to take action and work on a specific goal. Leaders who develop these skills have been shown with higher respect and trust in the workplace. However, there are still key issues of how to ... Read More »

Why gratitude is more important than ever | Michael Hyatt

As we stop and reflect to celebrate Thanksgiving amidst a pandemic, we learn to appreciate much of what we have now and be grateful for the little blessings in front of us. The daily practice of gratitude is not something done overnight as any habits do. We can take a step back and learn from these small acts of gratitude ... Read More »

Every US military branch is about to get its hands on the Army’s new sidearm of choice | Task & Purpose

Gunmaker Sig Sauer has finally delivered its Modular Handgun System to every service branch in the U.S. military. The MHS is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol that features coyote-tan PVD coated stainless steel slides with black controls and takes both 17-round and 21-round magazines. This is to replace other pistols in the service’s arsenal, including the M9, M9A1, M45A1, and M007. Source: ... Read More »

Ghosn: UN panel says Japan violated rights of former Nissan chief | Aljazeera

Former Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn was arrested in 2018 on charges of breach of trust, misusing company assets for personal gain, and violating securities laws in not fully disclosing his compensation. However, he denies all the accusations imposed. The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said on Monday that Ghosn was wrongly arrested in Japan and has urged “compensation” and “other ... Read More »

US Army working on new electromagnetic deception tool | C4ISRNET

US Army is working on a new deception tool called Modular Electromagnetic Spectrum Deception Suite (MEDS) that will seek to confound the enemy within the invisible yet highly dynamic maneuver space of the electromagnetic spectrum mission. MEDS is expected to both see the enemy and slow its decision cycle by overwhelming its forces within the spectrum. Some associated technologies participated ... Read More »