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15 Self-care journal ideas & templates for 2020 | Develop Good Habits

Taking a rest is a must for our overall health so we can step back and align our actions to our goals. We have different ways to do our self-care and one way is through journaling. Writing can be a way to express your feelings, creativity, and your self-confidence. Here is a list of resources to help you create schedules and plans for your personal life. Source: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/self-care-journal/ Read More »

You don’t have to pay federal student loans until 2021 — But you should | The Simple Dollar

Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, student loans are reduced or suspended on loan payments until for certain individuals who meet the requirements until December 31, 2020.  However, “forbearance” doesn’t mean “forgiveness.” Paying loans can lead to better credit scores, debt-to-income ratio reductions, and a rapid decrease in the total student loan amount. If you are able to continue paying on your student loans this year, ... Read More »

Blasting the air in front of hypersonic vehicles with lasers could unlock unprecedented speeds | The Drive

Two innovations being studied by the DoD research and development relates to combining the power of directed energy systems and hypersonic weapons. This unlocks opportunity for entirely new forms of aircraft design, propulsion, and control capable of evading or bypassing defenses with extreme speed. By combining advanced directed energy technology with the latest in hypersonic vehicle design, researchers laid the groundwork for systems designed to ... Read More »

What makes strangers click? | BBC Work Life

Our relationship with our partners and friends were established with a feeling of mutual connection through communication. When we meet strangers, we often have this feeling of compatibility because of our similarity with how they perceive the world. In essence, the theory of shared reality suggests that we are most likely to feel closer to each other when we turn our mutual ... Read More »

How a daring hostage rescue raid helped Britain’s elite special operators get their confidence back | We are the Mighty

A small gang known as the West Side Boys once managed to take hostages and threaten to execute them unless the British government agreed to their demands. Their demands included forming a whole new government. Britain’s elite Special forces swooped in and executed a plan to save the hostages. We Are The Mighty explains how exactly it was done. Source: ... Read More »

Fremont firefighters deployed to glass fire save American flag from burning building | SF KPIX 5

Cal Fire Division Chief Ben Nicholls said on Monday the firefighters battling the Glass Fire have saved far more building than they have lost. The Glass Fire has destroyed almost 100 structures and has threatened more than 22,000 lives.  The firefighters have been successful in minimizing the threat of destruction. Members of Fire Engine 558 from the Fremont Fire Department ... Read More »

How to identify your strengths and weaknesses in 5 steps | Life Hack

According to researchers, strengths and weaknesses are highly contextual and dependent on the mix of our values, goals, interests, and situational factors. If you get to know yourself better, you can recognize opportunities that will be beneficial for you versus those you can expect to feel more challenged and uncomfortable. Learning your capabilities can help you progress toward your goals faster and improve your resilience. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/887330/strengths-and-weaknesses Read More »

This is what happens to your body over months in isolation | CNN Health

Staying at home is the safest way to minimize contact with coronavirus. But staying indoors for a long time can also be detrimental to our health. It contorts the body, weakens the heart and lungs, and even impairs brain function. It is our responsibility to take care of our physical and mental well-being by exercising and taking enough rest as a healthier coping mechanism. ... Read More »

Why not all screen time is the same for children | BBC Future

Pediatricians recommend an allowable time for children for screen time based on their age. We know screens are extremely addictive too, they shape and influence our children’s minds. Young infants’ brains are still developing, and parents are encouraged to give a balance of screen and play for their children and use screens only as a tool not as a substitute for social engagement. “If it is ... Read More »

The Air Force now has its own tattoo shop | Marine Times

People express themselves through tattoos, and the military is no exception. Located near Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base officially opened its own tattoo shop. The Airforce has strict policies with tattoos, but it was lifted in the year 2017. “The decision to open a tattoo parlor on base was the brainchild of the 99 Force Support Squadron. By providing tattoo services on base we ... Read More »

The future of luxury is in wellness, watches and possibly weed | Bloomberg Opinion

Andrea Feltsad sits down an interview’s experts on trends in the Luxury department. Although spending on unnecessary things might seem grim this year people are still willing to spend money. People have had to readjust their wallets and have used pocket change for new designer rather than a vacation. What people are considering luxury might even change.    Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-09-26/coronavirus-recovery-luxury-s-future-is-in-wellness-watches-and-weed?utm_campaign=opinion&utm_medium=bd&utm_source=applenews  Read More »