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Cruise ship rescues 24 people from boat off Florida coast | ABC News

After a smaller boat had started to slowly sink, the passengers were taken on board the cruise ship and given lifejackets, blankets, and food. The rescued civilians were evaluated and quarantined from the crew members. No cruise ship guests were onboard because the cruise-line is not currently in service due to Covid-19. The passengers were later transferred to the U.S. ... Read More »

How to avoid distractions and finish what you | Cooper Review

Sarah Cooper is a comedian, author, and speaker. She went viral with her lip-sync and impersonating videos on social media. She shares how she manages distractions in a hilarious way proving how most of us really get by in our daily lives trying to avoid distraction. Source: https://thecooperreview.com/avoid-distractions-and-finish-what-you/ Read More »

How the US Army integrated a Marine F-35 jet into its tactical network | CS4IRNET

During the army exercise called Project Convergence at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, the service was able to link a Marine Corps F-35B into its tactical networks. This enables the jet to integrate data from satellites and send it to ground-based shooters. The service also used on-orbit sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities to synthesize targeting data, then provide it to the ... Read More »

M1 Garand Rebuilds: History & Markings | American Rifleman

The U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1 saw more production and use by the United States military than many other firearms. The M1 Garand was adopted in 1936 and was largely used until production was ceased in 1957. Over five million of these rifles were made and used throughout this time, especially in World War II. Numerous modifications were made over ... Read More »

5 Things to do before you check your email | Forbes

Most people have this habit of checking their email at the start of their day. We tend to forget that morning is a glorious time that opens opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the day. Before you check your email, here are five things to do to make sure you tackle what is important for you. Be ... Read More »

Is early retirement a good idea? | The Simple Dollar

Early retirement has its drawback especially in terms of worrying about financial concerns, but this does not mean it is not feasible. Early retirement is a good option to take leverage on many financial tools and it does not mean that you can never again work for income if you need it. One great advantage is the priceless time to ... Read More »