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The Army is hunting for a new all-electric light recon vehicle | Task & Purpose

The US Army is in search of a fully electric or hybrid-electric tactical vehicle as part of its growing fleet of next-generation ground combat vehicles. The electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (eLRV) program is also in consideration of the service-wide push to transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric platforms for both tactical and logistical reasons. The ideal vehicle will be transportable via ... Read More »

Australian Defence Force chief Angus Campbell says mandatory helmet cameras for special forces a ‘good idea’ | ABC News

After the report detailing evidence that at least 39 Afghan civilians and soldiers were murdered by SAS troops, Australian Defense Force chief Angus Campbell has stated that the soldiers should be required to wear helmet cameras. New South Wales Justice Paul Brereton, who made the report, also mentioned that mandatory cameras could act as a strong deterrent for dangerous behavior ... Read More »

2020: The opportunity of a lifetime | Leading Blog

The year 2020 is not how we expect it to be. Our plans were put on a hold, but this shouldn’t stop us from growing and adapting to the opportunity in front of us. Most companies shifted to a work-from-home setup and this has changed the work culture since. This year is a great chance to reset and cultivate a ... Read More »

Working with what we have | Forbes

For many start-up businesses working their way up to survive the turmoil brought about by the pandemic, we tend to wish that we have so many financial resources to solve much of our problems. But there is danger in relying too much upon money and not enough upon our creativity and ingenuity. The coronavirus pandemic taught us in working with ... Read More »

These are the first soldiers to graduate from basic training rocking the Army’s new ‘pink and greens’ uniform | Task & Purpose

New graduates of Class 64-20, Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery Regiment is the first class of soldiers to sport the new Army Green Service Uniform, colloquially referred to as the army’s new ‘pink and greens’ uniform. It was held last Nov. 16 at Fort Sill in Oklahoma as confirmed by Fort Sill Public Affairs. Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/army-basic-training-pink-and-green-uniform Read More »

Top US general in the Mideast says ISIS in Iraq and Syria still long-term threat | Military Times

Gen. Frank McKenzie has said that while the US has been in the Middle East fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, thousands of people’s lives have been displaced. The fight is not over until some sort of order and normalcy is brought into these people’s lives. One fear is that the children in these displaced homes see the destruction and become radicalized, causing the cycle of fighting to ... Read More »

The Pentagon isn’t the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military | Business Insider

The special operations family stretches beyond the military. While the Pentagon is most often thought of as having special operations the job description occurs in other places outside of the military. Business Insider lists the five other places you might find special operators. This includes hostage rescuers in the FBI and the Special Operations Group with the CIA. Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/the-top-5-non-military-us-special-operations-units-2020-11 Read More »

Defense forces clear Dash-e-Archi of Taliban fighters | Khaama Press News

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense has announced that their defense forces took back control of the Dasht-e-Archi district, located in the Kunduz province. A late night operation was launched in the area which resulted in at least 37 dead Taliban militants while others fled. Airstrikes were also conducted that took out numerous fighters, and the MoD has stated that they will ... Read More »