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The Green Shoots of 2020 | Mauldin Economics

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic began and drastically impacted the economy, different sectors have been hit with varying effect. Some areas of the economy are booming while others are struggling. The service industry for example got hit especially hard, as many of the jobs and services provided involve personal contact where social distancing is difficult. However, the economy is always ... Read More »

Special Operations Command chooses three information companies for T-REX computers and surveillance hardware | Military Aerospace Technology

Officials of U.S. Special Operations Command at McDill Air Force Base confirmed three contracts were approved worth as much as $780 million for the Targeted Requirement Execution (T-REX) computers and surveillance equipment program. It was granted to Barbaricum LLC in Washington, iGov Technologies Inc. in Reston, Va., and NexTech Solutions LLC in Orange Park, Fla. They will be acting as systems integrators and coordinators providing ... Read More »

Watch the Army’s new missile-hauling Stryker in action | Task & Purpose

New footage was released on an Interim Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) system by General Dynamic Land Systems. The IM-SHORAD system consists of a 360-degree Avenger air defense turret loaded up with Stinger and AGM-114 Longbow Hellfire missiles, and XM914 30mm cannon, and a 7.62mm machine gun. The video was released on Twitter after two weeks when the Army awarded$1.2 billion ... Read More »

‘Esper’s lie?’ I don’t think so | Defense One

Picture of US Defense Secretary Dr. Mark Esper

Thomas Spoehr, former Lieutenant General and director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense, states that it is a hefty charge to claim the Defense Secretary Mark Esper is lying. Esper states his opinion that the Middle Eastern wars of the early 2000s slowed the progression of military weapons that the U.S. will need to combat China. Spoehr explains ... Read More »

What can a retired sailor teach us about Turkey? | War on the Rocks

This War on Rocks article goes into some predictions and analyzes the situation that many journalists were trying to figure out. Cihat Yaycı now has spoken with the press about his experiences allowing outsiders to gain insight. He presents himself as partial to no party and has been one of the most prominent figures. Source: https://warontherocks.com/2020/10/what-can-a-retired-sailor-teach-us-about-turkey/ Read More »

U.S. foreign policy: Keep the main thing the main thing | Real Clear Defense

Gil Barndollar, Senior Fellow at Defense Priorities, talks about the recent years surrounding foreign policy and the years to come. As many leaders of the country continue to see China as becoming a possible threat, Barndollar says one of Trump biggest accomplishments during his term was reorienting America’s policies on China. Trump has also strengthened many of the U.S.’s partnerships ... Read More »

Libya rivals sign ‘permanent ceasefire’ deal: Live news | Aljazeera

According to officials the ceasefire agreement took much work to put into action. Libya has been suffering through a civil war that has destroyed many lives. This agreement would be the first of many steps to bring peace into the country. Recently the first flight to Benghazi from Tripoli has been put into works. However, countries like Turkey have hesitations ... Read More »

The investigation of a parachute accident, new squad weapons, and jetpack assault teams – The Briefing 10.22.20 | Military Times

The October 22nd, 2020 edition brought up recent news in the military community. For this edition news came out about changing Army parachute procedures after a Green Beret was involved in a tragic accident. An assault vehicle sinking left two dead, including a sailor and a Marine. More insight on some tech that the Royal Marines have been playing around ... Read More »

50th EARS member’s swift action saves life | DVIDS

When Master Sargeant Michael Fulton was at a base gym, he witnessed someone collapse. His training as an emergency technician came in handy as he stabilized them and was able to give them enough care until medical professionals could arrive. He is now getting recognized for his heroic actions that saved a life on August 17th, 2020 at the Al ... Read More »

Boost your design productivity | UX Collective

We are not always motivated to be creative at our crafts. This affects our productivity, and one must be aware of their routines to keep their schedule in place. Finding the right routine that works for you will soon develop into habits that can provide the right balance of consistency without burning yourself out. Here are detailed and comprehensive steps ... Read More »

Don’t change what works | Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak, the author of The Remix, recommends that as we adapt to changes from this pandemic, it is still essential to stick to fundamentals that work. If you are currently leading a team remotely, Pollak suggests to not change what works in your leadership style and habits. The only thing that is changing is the medium of how you ... Read More »