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8 Taliban Killed in Baghlan Operation | Khaama News

Eight Taliban members who were lingering in the Baghlah province have been killed after they were preparing to attack army positions. The launch was conducted by the ANA forces according to officials. This is just one of the many strikes that have occurred in the area despite peace talks. Second VP Sarwar Danesh believes that the Taliban will never back ... Read More »

8 Reasons your career has stalled | The Standard

Jane Mustiya, the Managing Director at Career Management Centre, shares some of the reasons she has observed when people do not realize why their career growth has stalled. One of the common mistakes is when an employee expecting a promotion assumes that their work speaks for itself. It is not a one-man show and attaining a leader role entails being ... Read More »

Struggling as a parent and an entrepreneur? Ask yourself these 4 questions | Forbes

Many parents today are struggling to juggle everything at once with the work-from-home setup, helping children managing virtual school, and doing household chores. Stephanie Burns recommends taking some time to ask yourself these four questions to come up with a better solution to being a parent and entrepreneur at the same time. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanieburns/2020/11/05/struggling-as-a-parent-and-an-entrepreneur-ask-yourself-these-4-questions/?sh=662eda1c2b4c Read More »

GySgt Danny Draher: From New York to Force Recon, from Marine Raider to family man | We Are the Mighty

GySgt Danny Draher shares his inspiring life story in the military and now as a family man. He was a seasoned former Reconnaissance Marine and current Marine Raider with more than eighteen years in the Marine Corps. In this interview, he also shares a few tips and advice for someone interested in pursuing the special operations community. Source: https://www.wearethemighty.com/mighty-culture/gysgt-danny-draher-interview/ Read More »

9 of the best survival knives money can buy | Task & Purpose

A solid survival knife must be both durable and versatile. These knives come handy and are designed to assist when outdoors or bushcraft, whether it is hunting, camping, or simply persevering in the wilderness. If you are looking for the best survival knives, here are nine recommendations for you. Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/gear-tech/best-survival-knives-2020 Read More »

Conceptualizing the future of US Special Operations | Small Wars Journal

The expectation from most is simple: incorporating the most advance technology, maintaining well executed CT capabilities and investing in missions across the operational service. Colonel Robert C. Jones has a solution for the loose-fitting definition. In an era characterized by rapidly shifting power, Colonel Jones says, “the US finds itself particularly challenged by the heightened competition.” In order to maintain ... Read More »

Somali army kills 11 militants in southern region | XINHUANET

The Somali National Army Special Forces executed a mission that resulted in the death of 11 al-Shabab militants. A senior commander for the terror group, Muad Dhere, was also taken out in the process. The operation took place in the Sablale town in the Lower Shabelle region, and the militants had traveled to the area from the Middle Jubba region. ... Read More »

JTF-Bravo continues to rescue victims of Hurricane Eta | DVIDS

After Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama declared a national emergency, they requested life-saving assistance from the US due to Hurricane Eta. Joint Task Force-Bravo, made up of anout 14 military personnel, has responded with aerial rescue operations throughout the nations. JTF-Bravo has currently rescued 56 citizens throughout Honduras and Panama, as well as transport local rescue workers to struggling communities. “Our ... Read More »

A top trainer breaks down the 7 most common workout mistakes made by beginners | Men’s Health

YouTube video content creator, trainer, and Athlean-X founder Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S shares the top common mistakes beginners do when they workout. If you start working out, it is best to learn these in order to see the best results. Going for a fitness goal is not something that occurs overnight as it requires trial-and-error while getting to know your body. Here are the ... Read More »

How can I get feedback after being rejected for a job?| The Cut

Some job applicants are getting frustrated about the hiring process since they usually get on the next few rounds of the application but ended up not being chosen for the job. Providing useful feedback takes time that busy interviewers do not have. Though some employers do take the time to provide feedback, it is more likely via email versus on ... Read More »