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Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Vietnam veteran’s epic poem of war | Sand Hill Express

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The Medal of Honor was given to John Duffy for his service in Vietnam. He transformed his ordeal into an epic poem entitled “The Battle for ‘Charlie.'” Duffy operated in special operations units during four combat deployments, often behind enemy lines. His many honors and decorations included 29 counts of heroism.

Duffy and his soldiers held out as long as possible by calling in everything from B-52 bombers to helicopter gunships. A week later, Duffy began composing the poem and has been adding to it. He summarizes his career, starting as a 17-year-old private and concluding with four combat deployments as a major. I suppose I did well by avoiding Hell.

Source: http://sandhillsexpress.com/cbs_national/a-vietnam-veterans-epic-poem-of-war-cbsid3cb648b6/


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