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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A secretive US special-operations base in Syria is taking fire from a shadowy Middle East war | Insider

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A distant US special operations station in the Syrian desert is embroiled in a covert Middle Eastern military conflict.

In addition to coalition soldiers, Al-Tanf Garrison is a US base that normally houses 100 to 200 US service members. It has long served as a focal point for operations against both ISIS and Iran and its allies. The outpost was subjected to a number of assaults in August and September, including a rocket attack by militias backed by Iran that injured three US soldiers. The base was built in 2016, when US soldiers were actively engaged in fighting ISIS in Syria. US and coalition forces required a base from which to segregate ISIS members and keep an eye on regional activity. The best location was Al-Tanf, which is located in southeast Syria along the M2 Baghdad-Damascus motorway and close to the borders with Jordan and Iraq. That year, ISIS was driven out of the area surrounding the base. Soon after, the nearby operational nations of the US and Russia decided to establish a 34-mile deconfliction zone surrounding the station.




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