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Friday, March 24, 2023

A robot was scheduled to argue in court, then came the jail threats | NPR

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The use of a “robot lawyer” to assist a defendant contest a traffic ticket was planned by a British guy, but he abandoned the proposal after being threatened with prosecution and jail time. 

The CEO of the New York-based business DoNotPay, Joshua Browder, has developed a method for people contesting traffic citations to use arguments produced by artificial intelligence in court. On February 22, California was supposed to host the first-ever AI-powered legal defense, however, that date has since been canceled. According to Browder, as knowledge spread among several state bar officials, a tense murmur started to circulate. He claims that angry emails started to flood in. State Bar of California Chief Trial Counsel George Cardona declined to comment on the investigation into DoNotPay in a statement, but he said the group had a responsibility to look into any potential cases of unlicensed legal activity. 

Source: https://www.npr.org/2023/01/25/1151435033/a-robot-was-scheduled-to-argue-in-court-then-came-the-jail-threats 


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