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Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Navy SEAL Founded Two Companies to Keep the Memories of Fallen Heroes Alive | Military.com

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During his 25 years of service, he worked with the CIA and the Marine Corps, was a BUD/S instructor, NATO liaison, and deployed to both coasts, the Caribbean, and Africa. 

He was well acquainted with several of his fellow SEALs when the Global War on Terrorism began. We had been at war for 16 years at that point, and Cruickshank recalls, “I lost a lot of friends. They stick with you, and they take a piece of you with it.” He came up with the concept to pay tribute to his teammates, He started considering business opportunities when he saw that people frequently gather and converse over coffee and wine. “Wine is really a big science experiment that meets art, right?  Cruickshank said “He [Bookwalter] told me the best grapes come from the vines that struggle. And I think that’s a great analogy for our lives in general: We are stronger when we have to struggle; we grow when things are difficult.” He added

Source: https://www.military.com/veteran-jobs/navy-seal-founded-two-companies-keep-memories-of-fallen-heroes-alive.html


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