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Monday, December 5, 2022

A Covert Weapons for Special Operations: the Sten MkII(S) | Forgotten Weapons

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Because many were required for tiny Special Operations Executive operations during WWII, there is a pretty diverse range of silenced Sten weapons. The British Army, on the other hand, did create and adopt a weapon of this type. The request was made in 1942, and the first experiments began in November of that year. The design was finally fully implemented in February 1944, after two years of fiddling and deliberation. This was a Sten MkII with a suppressed barrel that was integrated into the weapon. The barrel was only 3.75 inches long, with six vent holes bored directly in front of the chamber to lower muzzle velocity below the sound speed. With an initial expansion chamber and 18 baffles, the silencer was roughly 12 inches long.

Source: https://www.forgottenweapons.com/a-covert-weapons-for-special-operations-the-sten-mkiis/


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