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Friday, December 9, 2022

A 50-Minute Workout Challenge From Battle Cancer’s New Format | Men’s Health

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Co-founder and MH Elite coach Scott Britton is putting you through a rigorous fitness test to celebrate the brand-new, gleaming format for all upcoming Battle Cancer events. 

Pick up a dumbbell, a rowing machine, and a running route. then strike it. Events to fight cancer are always a great day. To raise money, challenge themselves, meet new people, and jointly point the finger at cancer, the teams, fans, judges, and crew give it their best. In the past, four same-sex or mixed-team competitions took place over the course of four nine-minute exercises. But Scott Britton and the group are making adjustments. All Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge events will now follow the new structure, which will fully live up to the “challenge” aspect of the name. Teams will now have 2.5 hours to complete five 10-minute sessions, with each 10 minutes of effort being followed by 20 minutes of recovery. All of the equipment is on the basic side and includes sandbags, weight plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells. No gymnastics, no barbells, and no specialized knowledge are required. Between each cycle, take ten minutes to rest. Remember, the AMRAP consists of 3 cycles.

1) 500m row

2) 10 x DB Snatch

3) 400m run

4) 30 x DB Snatch



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