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Monday, December 5, 2022

7 Books That Will Help You Build a Better Business | Entrepreneur

Must Read

With these performance multipliers, you may increase the effectiveness of your efforts and become a more impactful leader.

You will discover how to maximize your abilities and become a more influential leader, enhancing your company. Steve Schwartz describes in The Art of Tea how, after assisting his mother through her terminal illness and death, he embarked on a global adventure. In UNLOCK, Matt Hulett poses five questions for the reader to answer and flourish. Nick Dofornio reflects on his tenure as Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology at IBM. Ethan and Stephanie Bull use their abundance of experience to explain how to take charge of your calendar.

In The 29-Hour Work Day, the Bulls provide five performance multipliers to assist you in selecting the ideal EA. Greg Giuliano describes how he has monetized his years of study in psychology as an executive coach. Jess Lenovuel utilizes her experience as a realtor, marketing professional, and industry thought leader to assist you in charting a course to your success. Brian Tracy reveals the behaviors of successful men and women so that readers may acquire more productive ways to think.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/429779


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