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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

6 Ways to Reenergize a Depleted Team | Harvard Business Review

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Initiate career dialogues with a purpose people want to know that they are moving forward and have the potential to make a bigger influence.

Microsoft’s annual Work Trend Index, a poll of thousands of workers globally, reveals that people’s perceptions of what is worthwhile have changed over time. According to 53% of respondents, people are now more likely than ever to put their health and well-being before work. And they’re acting: Concerns about one’s physical or mental health were the main justifications given for leaving one’s employment in the previous year The volume of work may matter less than you may assume in determining whether or not it is energy-depleting, as it turns out. Lack of meaning in one’s work, the cognitive load necessary to prepare for and survive interactions with toxic bosses and coworkers, and the seemingly impossible trade-offs one feels forced to make between one’s own or one’s family’s well-being and the demands of one’s jobs are what people find to be de-energizing. 

  1. Initiate purpose-driven career conversations.
  2. Create team rituals that foster mutual care and belonging.
  3. Help build a portfolio of diverse relationships.
  4. Model being okay with not being okay.
  5. Swap productivity paranoia for helpful prioritization.
  6. Watch for signs of flourishing and intervene when it’s waning.



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