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Friday, March 24, 2023

6 Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Reading Your Emails | Forbes

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In April 2021, Wakefield Research conducted a survey that found that 38% of workers abandoned their employment as a result of email weariness. This is particularly true for remote work settings where employees frequently manage an increasing volume of emails, messages, and virtual meetings, which frequently causes higher levels of employee burnout and job discontent.

Here is a list of potential explanations for why your staff may not be reading or replying to your emails, in an effort to foster a work environment with more efficient internal interactions.

  1. Information Overload
  2. Inefficient Workflow
  3. Poor Quality of Communication
  4. Poor Timing of Communication
  5. Unclear Policy Expectations
  6. Uninviting Work Culture

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/serenitygibbons/2023/01/19/6-reasons-your-employees-arent-reading-your-emails/?sh=3e1207c21bb2  


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