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Friday, March 24, 2023

6 reasons you aren’t seeing your workout results | KX News

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When people follow their exercise plan religiously but do not get the intended results, they may feel quickly disheartened and frustrated. 

This can occur to everyone who uses the gym, not just those who are just beginning out, a news release claims. There are six reasons why you might not be getting the results you want, according to Fitness Volt experts. Six reasons also include some helpful suggestions for finding solutions. 

  • Neglecting sleep 
  • Neglecting to warm up 
  • Not eating before a workout 
  • Not having enough protein 
  • Not pushing hard enough 
  • Avoiding rest 

Source: https://www.kxnet.com/news/state-news/6-reasons-arent-seeing-your-workout-results/ 


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