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Saturday, January 28, 2023

4 ways to lead employees through times of anxiety | FM Magazine

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One of the most effective ways to deal with employee anxiety is to acknowledge the difficulties your team members are encountering. 

Colonna, Robbins, and London-based executive coach Jennifer Challenger, ACMA, CGMA, were all interviewed by FM magazine. The first step to take if team members are experiencing anxiety or excessive pressure is to admit that these are challenging times and that we no longer understand what normal means, according to Colonna. According to Robbins, managers still have room to improve the way they prioritize and build staff support systems. The financial leader in this scenario should be open and honest about their worries and difficulties while also being open and honest about the advantages. 

Source: https://www.fm-magazine.com/news/2022/dec/4-ways-to-lead-employees-through-times-of-anxiety.html 


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