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Thursday, December 1, 2022

3 Ways To Avoid Failure As A Startup CEO | Forbes

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How to Increase Employee Productivity and Prevent Employee Burnout

Most businesses fail before their second year, but you may prevent this by paying attention to minor aspects. Trust them to manage their own time if your team members are more productive at a bar, house, garden, or park. As CEO, you will require a staff of individuals with distinct personalities, hobbies, and interests. Please don’t allow your employees to get mired in repeated activities when you can free up their thoughts for creative work or personal development: This may help them maintain a healthy mind and a creative spirit, and you won’t be among the 75 percent who fail.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2022/06/07/3-ways-to-avoid-failure-as-a-startup-ceo/?sh=75c7a47b5fd0


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