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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

3 muscle-building exercises that can reduce back pain, from planks to pelvic tilts | Insider

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Even while having back pain may make you want to stop moving, physical therapist and co-founder of Pre-PT Grind Casey Coleman says that exercise is one of the best methods to both treat and prevent back pain.

Coleman claimed that the most frequent cause of back pain he encounters is spinal cord compression. According to him, prolonged sitting or standing as well as back-compressing activities are the main causes of compression. Exercises that strengthen the back’s supporting muscles and decompress the spine are the finest things you can do to avoid back discomfort. According to Coleman, pelvic tilts strengthen the glutes and pelvis, which form the base of the spine. When these are robust, the spine is more better supported. You can do a pelvic tilt by lying on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the ground. Squeezing your abs and moving your hips a little closer to your head will help you press your lower back into the floor. Hold for a short while before going back to the beginning position.

1.Decompress the spine

2.Planks take tension off the back

3.Bird dogs build core and glute strength



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