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Monday, January 17, 2022

A MACV-SOG Thanksgiving: when 6 commandos took on 30,000 enemy troops | Sandboxx

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The location and movements of the North Vietnamese Army was especially pertinent in 1968 after January’s Tet Offensive. In November, American intelligence lost track of three NVA divisions. A team of two Green Berets and four local mercenaries were to locate the missing 30,000 troops, known to be somewhere along the border of Cambodia.

In the search process, they came upon a vacant NVA camp but had to exfiltrate as quickly as possible when they realized they were being advanced on from multiple directions. Hundreds of NVA troops had recognized their position and an evacuation by UH-1P Hueys flown by the 20th Special Operations Squadron was required.

Source: https://www.sandboxx.us/blog/a-macv-sog-thanksgiving-when-6-commandos-took-on-30000-enemy-troops/

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