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Monday, January 17, 2022

Frustrated with CIA, Trump administration turned to Pentagon for shadow war with Iran | Yahoo News

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In the final days of his presidency, Donald Trump approved key parts of an unconventional warfare campaign against Iran to be led by American SOF.

The campaign would consist of sabotage, propaganda, and other psychological and information operations aimed at destabilizing the Iranian people’s trust in their own government and the government’s confidence in itself.

When Trump was being briefed on the campaign it was understood that the incoming administration would be tasked with much of the actual execution. It is unclear whether President Biden has continued to pursue these operations.

The US and Iran are scheduled to resume indirect nuclear talks in Vienna later this month.

Source: https://ph.news.yahoo.com/frustrated-with-cia-trump-administration-turned-to-pentagon-for-shadow-war-with-iran-205152958.html

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