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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ben Roberts-Smith seeks top-secret evidence of ‘key witnesses’ in defamation trial | The Australian

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Ben Roberts-Smith, Australia’s most highly decorated living soldier, has been the subject of a war crimes investigation since June of 2018. He is accused of murdering, or being complicit in the murder of, 6 civilians during his time in Afghanistan where he served as a Special Air Service Regiment patrol commander.

He and his legal team have filed suits against the Australian newspapers and journalists who initially reported on the alleged atrocities. Roberts-Smith is also seeking the release of his former squadmates’ transcripts, the key witnesses in the trial.

The Australian Defense Force’s Inspector General James Gaynor is refusing to release the documents. He claims the ‘Omertà’ surrounding the special operations community is already difficult enough to break and that any further explanation will hurt Australia’s ability to conduct these types of investigations in the future.

Arthur Moses SC, Roberts-Smith’s attorney claims the information presented in the initial newspaper articles could not have been obtained from common journalistic investigation but from sources redacted in the Brereton Report.

The cases continue in Sydney behind closed courts.

Source: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/breaking-news/ben-robertssmith-seeks-topsecret-evidence-of-key-witnesses-in-defamation-trial/news-story/f053619f4a2f6d6037e821cf9d119e95

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