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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The U.S. Military’s 5 Deadliest Weapons Of War | Brent M. Eastwood

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The US arsenal is the most fearsome in the world. The deterring effect nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, and gunships have on the rest of world is part of why we have them. The B83 nuclear bomb has a maximum delivery of 1.2 megatons, it first entered service in 1983 and is 80x as powerful as either of the two bombs detonated in Japan at the end of WW2. The Ohio Class Submarine carries nuclear missiles which can hit targets up to 4,000 nautical miles away. The Tomahawk Block V is the most trusted cruise missile available, able to be carried by ship or sub and featuring improved targeting over past iterations. The Gerald R. Ford-class Supercarrier is capable of carrying more aircraft than some countries have in their entire air force. The AC-130 gunship has a long history of lethal support, but is also very capable at reconnaissance.


Source: https://www.19fortyfive.com/2021/10/the-u-s-militarys-5-deadliest-weapons-of-war/

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