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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Ambiguous Legacy of the Powell Doctrine | Giselle Donnelly

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The late Colin Powell recently passed after suffering complications related to his already compromised immune system. Few have had a greater impact on American foreign policy than Powell, the approach to overseas involvement that would come to be known as the Powell Doctrine still influences decision makers to this day. The Powell Doctrine states that the US military should only involve itself in conflicts that serve America’s vital interests. Our involvement should have well-defined goals and force should only be used as a last resort. When America enters a conflict half-heartedly or without clear intentions, the result is “forever wars”, wasted lives and resources, and a divided home population. If these principles were adhered to more closely, the withdrawal from Afghanistan may have been less embarrassing.


Source: https://thedispatch.com/p/the-ambiguous-legacy-of-the-powell

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