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Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Best Core Workouts For Strength, Muscle, And Power | Barbend

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There are multiple reasons to strengthen your core beyond achieving aesthetic perfection. Working on your core will help you achieve new personal bests in the deadlift and bench press. A stronger core will provide the support necessary to perform heavier lifts. A stronger core enables you to brace more effectively during big lifts, resulting in better form and healthier, long-lasting results.

If your goal is getting stronger at compound lifts, a strong core will provide more stability, try incorporating ab-rollouts, weighted planks, hanging leg raises, dead-bug kettlebell pullovers, unilateral overhead carries and Palloff presses into your core routine.

If your goal is building muscle in the area, exercises that allow for plenty of volume are key as the core mainly consists of Type I muscle fibers that are resistant to fatigue. Try weighted hanging leg raises, kettlebell dead bug pullovers, Pallof presses, weighted V-ups, weighted hollow holds, and weighted lying toe reaches. Because you’re focusing on building specific muscles, try to only engage your abdominal muscles during these.

If your goal is to develop power for something like throwing a punch or hitting a slapshot you’ll need to practice dynamic movements while working out to be able to generate force in a short period of time. Dumbbell unilateral thrusters, rotational and regular medicine ball slams, toes-to-bars, and single-arm kettlebell swings all constitute this type of movement.

Source: https://barbend.com/best-core-workouts/

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