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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Self-defense: On the false security of “safe spaces” | NRA Family

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After all that has occurred, it should be obvious that the concept of a “safe space” is unreasonable. Violence has never been, and will never be, confined to specific locations. There are dangerous people out there who want to hurt others. That could happen in a crime-ridden neighborhood where no one wants to go. It could even happen in a relatively “protected” area. Avoidance, on the other hand, cannot be your sole defense strategy. Making a personal defense tool kit that prepares you for the unpleasant fact that you might be the victim of aggression no matter where you go is a better way to structure your personal defense strategy. Using your physical position as a shield against all threats is, after all, asking for trouble.

Source: https://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2021/4/22/self-defense-on-the-false-security-of-safe-spaces

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