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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Top UK gallantry award for French dog that ran through flames in Mali to attack terrorists | National News

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Recognized for playing a pivotal role in anti-terrorist activity in Mali, Leuk, a Belgian Malinois that belonged to French special forces, has received the top military animal award for gallantry. Specifically, Leuk received the posthumous People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals Dickin Medal for saving lives by cornering insurgents during an operation in Mali last April 2019. Leuk has served with the K9 division of French Special Forces’ Kieffer commando unit after two years of training. “Not only did he go in, but he engaged the enemy in combat for over five minutes. Thanks to that, I can talk to you today,” his handler stated.

Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/top-uk-gallantry-award-for-french-dog-that-ran-through-flames-in-mali-to-attack-terrorists-1.1209337

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