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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

‘Green Alert’ bill would create Amber Alert-like national system to find missing veterans | Connecting Vets Radio

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Lawmakers have introduced a new bill, the National Green Alert Act, that would create the “Green Alert” system. The bill would establish a new commission with members from the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Justice, Transportation, and Health and Human Services, and include state and local officials and veterans. The Green Alert system would work similarly to the Amber Alert system and alert the public and law enforcement when a veteran went missing. The National Green Alert Act would help states to set up a system to quickly locate at-risk veterans who go missing. This is an important step in upholding our commitment to providing veterans with the support that they have earned and deserve after all that they have sacrificed for our country,” Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-Mass stated.

Source: https://www.audacy.com/connectingvets/news/mental-health/green-alert-bill-creates-amber-alert-system-for-veterans

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