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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

PETA pushes Pentagon to end the drinking of cobra blood during jungle survival training | Stars & Stripes

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In its second attempt to stop the annual Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand, PETA, an animal rights group, has filed another petition to the Pentagon. Cobra Gold is a multinational exercise co-hosted by the United States and Thailand where Marines and soldiers drink snakes’ blood during survival training. The training is the largest joint military exercise in Southeast Asia, wherein soldiers train in disaster response and cyber-threat response and humanitarian assistance.

Source: https://www.stripes.com/news/pacific/peta-pushes-pentagon-to-end-the-drinking-of-cobra-blood-during-jungle-survival-training-1.662599?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB%20DN%202.29.21&utm_term=Editorial%20-%20Early%20Bird%20Brief

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