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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tactical Games | The Healing Power of Tactical Competitions

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Tim Burke is a former Green Beret who runs the Tactical Games located across the United States. When Burke started the Tactical Games he thought he was just creating a sporting competition. He quickly realized that the competition was much more than he anticipated, as a sense of community grew from the Games. “I’ve had at least eight men from my background, SOF, special forces, seals, Marines, special operations come up to me, literally put their hand on my shoulder. They’d say, “dude, the tactical games saved my life.”

James Gill, one of the participants, lost a leg and an eye when his team walked into a booby trap in Iraq in 2006. Gill believes the Tactical Games give him another mission and something to focus on and strive for. When he competes, he is able to disconnect from the negative thoughts and focus on improving his mental health. “I have some limitations, but I make up for it with other skills, with shooting, and other things. I was 21 years old when I was injured, I’m 35 now, I’m not ready to hang it up,” Gill stated.

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