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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Strategies to create effective workshops in any mode, including in-person and virtual | Charity Village

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Last year has been a challenging year not just because of the pandemic but also cause holding face-to-face workshops has become impossible. Sure, there are virtual platforms that allow us to do so, but the challenge with this lies in how you will make it as effective as it was before when face-to-face workshops are still allowed. Transitioning from face-to-face to online is not easy but is possible. To be able to successfully do it, this requires you to plan with intention, design with a focus on engagement, gather feedback and reflect on what has been learned. Through these things, you can ace an effective workshop, be it online or not.

Source: https://charityvillage.com/strategies-to-create-effective-workshops-in-any-mode-including-in-person-and-virtual/

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