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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

8 Men who earned the most Purple Hearts | Military.com

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In the United States military, the Purple Heart, America’s oldest military decoration for military merit, is awarded to soldiers that have been killed or wounded while on action against the enemy. Its history went back to the Revolutionary War and was once called the Badge of Military Merit. Since then, over two million Purple Hearts has been awarded. In man’s history, eight soldiers have been awarded the most Purple Hearts, including Staff Sgt. Albert L. Ireland, Lt. Col. Richard J. Buck, Maj. Gen. Robert T. Frederick, Col. David H. Hackworth, Capt. Joe Hooper, Col. Robert L. Howard, Col. William L. Russell, and Sgt. Maj. William Waugh.

Source: https://www.military.com/off-duty/2021/02/09/8-men-who-earned-most-purple-hearts.html

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