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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Navy adopts insane battlefield blood transfusion technique from the Army Rangers | Task & Purpose

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The U.S. Navy makes its version of the Army’s Ranger O Low Titer Whole Blood Program, called “Valkyrie”. Valkyrie is a new blood transfusion technique wherein an injured soldier can receive fresh blood from another soldier while still on the battlefield. The new technique increases an injured soldier’s survival rate instead of waiting for a medevac, which usually takes around 36 minutes to arrive. With Valkyrie, no storage or refrigeration is required but is instead stored in veins of the service member carrying it.

Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/military-tech/navy-valkyrie-blood-transfusion-corpsmen/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB%2002.04.20&utm_term=Editorial%20-%20Early%20Bird%20Brief

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