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Thursday, April 22, 2021

When veterans play the stonks, some find finance capital bites back | Connecting Vets Radio

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Army veteran Gage Hull invested $6,000 in GameStop shares for $230 each through the Robinhood app. The next day, they had shot up to $470. He set a minimum sell price to make sure he didn’t lose out on his investment. The next thing he knew, Robinhood had sold his shares for $200 each. “They sold my shares illegally and conducted market manipulation by not allowing people to buy GameStop stocks. They did the same to lots of other people,” Hull stated. He has now joined several class-action lawsuits against Robinhood.

Source: https://www.radio.com/connectingvets/news/vetcare/veterans-playing-the-stock-market-or-getting-played-by-the-stock-market

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