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The great grift | New Mercy/ No Malice
Source: Pixabay by geralt. Pixabay License, Public Domain.

The great grift | New Mercy/ No Malice

The response to the coronavirus pandemic has been a $5 trillion effort, but much of it has also been a con. The top 1% has used their influence over the government to give those suffering minimal help, while accruing more wealth. While competition creates innovation, it also creates winners and losers. The wealthy, the winners, use their finances to influence the government and media. This author believes most of the COVID-19 relief sent out by the US government ended up in the pockets of wealthy families instead of those who truly need it.

Source: https://www.profgalloway.com/the-great-grift?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NMNM20210115

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