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The American Mercenary | Full Measure

The American Mercenary | Full Measure

Two United States veterans were accused of being hired as mercenaries earlier this year after failing their mission and being taken into Venezuelan custody. This raised questions about what private military mercenaries and contractors really do. John Tiegan, a military contractor who worked for the CIA in Benghazi where terrorist attacked, stated during the interview “The biggest difference between hired gun, which is also a mercenary in my opinion, and a contractor or a PMC, private military contractor, would be the Venezuela incident.” Military contractors have been in use since the beginning of war in the U.S. starting with the American revolution. But just how needed are private military forces to international operations? Sam Havelock, former Navy SEAL and CEO of his creation SOFX.com, explains the critical need for PMCs. Havelock say in the interview “So, when the special operations community or the government is saying, ‘Hey, we need to be more of a gray force. We need to blend in globally.’ What they’re saying is they want to continue to have influence globally and project power and democracy but do it in a way that has a lighter footprint.”

Source: http://fullmeasure.news/news/terrorism-security/american-mercenaries

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