The Crossroads of Special Operations

Monday, November 29, 2021

12/09/20 Network Daily Brief | 24 Hours in SOF

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Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands have announced that their Composite Special Operations Component Command headquarters is now fully operational. The Composite Special Operations Component Command combines the SOF capabilities from each nation into a joint deployable force. The Defense Ministers from each nation launched the initiative in 2017 through NATO’s multinational High Visibility Projects program.


The United Kingdom will be sending an additional 300 troops to Mali to join the UN peacekeeping mission, including special operations forces. These additional troops will provide increased reconnaissance capability and work closely with the local population in the fight against terrorism. Additional joint SOF training exercises are expected to take place in the near future as well, including Special Forces troops from Morocco and Nigeria.

United States

Army Gen. Richard D. Clarke has held a virtual meeting with Hudson Institute scholars as U.S. Special Operations Command looks to increase their use of artificial intelligence. During the meeting Clarke discussed the need for more machine learning and AI in special operations as warfare continues to evolve with larger power struggles such as China and Russia. SOCOM is working to forge ahead in the space of artificial intelligence while collaborating with Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and international allies.

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