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12/02/20 Network Daily Brief | 24 Hours in SOF

United States

Lt. Gen. Jim Slife has addressed the concerns regarding three recent fatal training accidents that occurred within the Air Force Special Operations Command. U.S. Special Operations Command and AFSOC discovered they were too focused on “getting out the door” rather than the return and the basics. New, updated approaches to training come after the death of Tech. Sgt. Kraines, Staff Sgt. Condiff, and Airman 1st Class Baker that occurred during mountain rescue training, a parachute accident, and combat dive training.


After a November that was packed full of military drills, Egypt’s Special Forces will participate in the Medusa exercise that runs through December 6th. Egypt’s SF and other operators from naval and air support units will complete the training with France and the United Arab Emirates. Ahmad Eliba, a defense expert at the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies, has stated that the joint exercise displays the importance of the alliance between the nations and will increase readiness in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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