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Saturday, May 8, 2021

‘Esper’s lie?’ I don’t think so | Defense One

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Thomas Spoehr, former Lieutenant General and director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense, states that it is a hefty charge to claim the Defense Secretary Mark Esper is lying. Esper states his opinion that the Middle Eastern wars of the early 2000s slowed the progression of military weapons that the U.S. will need to combat China. Spoehr explains “The U.S. military inarguably received additional billions during those years, but those resources were directly focused on the fights overseas.” Spoehr believes that the money and attention given to the Middle Eastern Affairs has left the country less prepared for competition with Russia and China.

Source: https://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2020/10/espers-lie-i-dont-think-so/169307/

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