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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Monticello firefighters rescue man from top of wind turbine | Herald Journal

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While being 350ft high would normally be no problem, the 54-year-old worker was suffering from a medical emergency. Monticello firefighters arrived on the scene and went to the top of the wind turbine after being called on Saturday. They performed life support treatment on the man. 20 minutes later the crew was able to transport the man down and get him more medical attention at a nearby hospital. The man’s condition and name are unknown.

Source: https://www.newsbug.info/monticello_herald_journal/news/local/monticello-firefighters-rescue-man-from-top-of-wind-turbine/article_092bcd3e-6dad-50d2-acbd-1d7d882dd974.html

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