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Navy SEAL’s heroism extends beyond the battlefield | DVIDS
U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Andrew L. Johnson/released

Navy SEAL’s heroism extends beyond the battlefield | DVIDS

On Memorial Day of 2019, a Navy SEAL and his family vacationed in Morehead, North Carolina for the weekend. The family was extremely alert and cautious during their time at the beach because of known rip currents that day. As most people stayed in knee deep water, a group of five kids played a little deeper which caught the SEAL’s attention. As three of the children dived into a wave, they began to drift out which alarmed the SEAL. The father of the children quickly sprinted toward the water and the SEAL grabbed a boogie board and followed him. As the family on the beach called 911, the Navy SEAL reached the father, who was holding two of children, trying to keep their heads above the water. The SEAL swam to grab the other child but when he reached him, he noticed he was suffering from hypoxia (a physical condition resulting from the lack of oxygen) and tried his hardest to fight the rip current to get him safely to shore. After the hypoxic child was given to a Marine on the water’s edge, the SEAL went back out to help the father. The father was in his site for a split second before he fell under the surface of the water. As rescue personnel arrived, the SEAL took the kids back to shore while the others looked for the father. The father, Ernest Foster, died saving his family with the help of the Navy Seal. The SEAL spoke at Foster’s funeral that day about the heroic actions he did to save his children. The SEAL received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for going above and beyond in a time of need.

Source: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/380445/navy-seals-heroism-extends-beyond-battlefield

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